Helping Your Man Evolve His Style Into A More Mature Look

Outside of your own style and looks, you might be paying a little more attention to the dress sense of the man in your life. In particular, you might be wondering if he has any. A lot of men have the privilege of not having to think too much about what they wear and, as such, may retain much the same sense of fashion they’ve had for over a decade. However, as a man gets older, he befits a more refined and mature sense of style, too. Here are a few tips you can pass on to help him get the look he has grown into.

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Start fitting any suits he has to wear

If you have to go to a formal occasion with your man, whether it’s a wedding, a business retreat, or something else entirely, you do not want him looking like a boy in a suit that’s too big for him. At some point, he needs to stop buying suit clothes off the rack and make sure that he gets them tailored, or at least fitted with proper measurements. A guy doesn’t need too many suits in his arsenal if he’s not constantly flying off to business meetings, but he does need the few that he has to fit him well.

Add a little texture to his fabrics

The traditionally youthful male style is smoothness, clean designs, and maybe the occasional logo or graphic to make sure that things don’t look too boring. As your man gets a little more mature, he can look a lot better with the ruggedness that can be offered by more textured options, such as a men’s brushed cotton shirt. He doesn’t have to be done head to toe in denim for a sense of tactile ruggedness, just a touch here or there is enough to make an outfit look more mature.

He doesn’t have to stop being casual

More mature men can still be casual. For instance, he can still have shorts, but you want to time them with the weather and make sure that they’re of a decent length so he doesn’t look like he’s constantly ready for the beach. Similarly, tees aren’t off the table, either, but he might want to start opting for more dark neutral colours like black, deep reds, navy blues, and the like instead of bright graphics that look much, much younger.

An eye for the right accessories

In men’s fashion, the right accessory often plays more than an aesthetic role, alone. They can be signifiers, whether it’s of position, wealth, prestige, or even just helping him look more organised and conscientious. Of course, the one accessory that fits most men in most outfits is a good piece of wristwear, so consider a nice watch the next time you’re searching for a gift.

Of course, your man is just as entitled to his personal sense of style as anyone else. A nudge here and a gift there might help you guide it in the right direction, however.


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