Style To Stand Out In The Crowd

Clothing. Outfits. Wardrobe. Attire. By whatever name you choose to call your collection of items to wear, it all means the same thing – something to wear on your body. By that concept, clothing can seem mundane and dull. However, as you already know, clothing is anything but boring. 

When you don an article of clothing, you are making a statement based on your mood, the weather, your intended activity, and anything else you might like to proclaim to the world about your identity.

Keep reading for ideas on how to dress for maximum appeal – both for yourself and anyone who happens to be looking your way, but really it is all for you.

Find Unique Clothing

Consignment stores and thrift shops are trending on everyone’s social media feeds lately. However, for those savvy shoppers already in the know these establishments are veritable boons for unique items. Visit consignment stores Orange County to find amazing wares.

When you enter a consignment store you never know what you might discover. From vintage clothing by designer labels to around-the-house basics, you will certainly happen upon some beautiful pieces.

Secondhand shopping does double duty for the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the items themselves. Next, they are generally less expensive than if you purchase them new. Bring your reusable bag and further your impact.

One of the other benefits of buying from a consignment shop is that you will feel emboldened to try out new styles since you are not paying full price. In addition, you will not look like the rest of the crowd who all shop at the mall or online at the same stores. You get the opportunity to express your style and flair.

Here is a video offering tips on how to best shop at a secondhand store.

Remember Your Shoes

Footwear can range from functional to foundational. It can speak volumes about your personality or simply be a tool to keep your feet covered. Take your footwear to the next level by carefully curating your collection. 

Opt for classic options such as ballet flats in black and neutral tones as well as bolder options in fuchsia or animal print with large buckles or logos. They are easy to travel in and adapt well from work to dinner or a walk in the park.

Go all-in for streetwear and the ubiquitous white sneaker. Select the brand of your choice in platforms or a standard sole height. Make a statement with colorful laces that match your clothing details or offer a fun contrast. White sneakers are the latest in boardroom footwear and lend a certain confidence to the power suit.

Heels in a variety of heights are wonderful additions to your closet. They can elevate your hemline and change the look of your outfit entirely. A classic heel dresses up denim or high-quality joggers to create a fresh appeal. They are almost a requirement for a cocktail party and the necessary little black dress.

Dressing yourself is akin to creating beautiful art. You are the canvas. The best thing about clothing is that the medium is not permanent. Select something different every day to channel your character and persona.


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