What Makes A Great Influencer?

If there is one industry that has changed how marketing and the internet works – it is the influencer industry. Bloggers, vloggers, and content creators of all types shaped marketing as we knew it into something different. Something dynamic, agile, exciting, and on-trend at all times. 

While there have been plenty of controversies in the space, there have also been some tremendous success stories. 

But what sets apart influencers? What makes influencers like Margie Crumpton, Amy Bell, and Emma Hill apart? 

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You like them. You don’t know why you like them, and most of the time, it doesn’t matter either. But the influencers people like the most are influencers that are easy to like. Brands look for influencers that are liked and who chat and engage with their followers. 

Many of the biggest influencers aren’t just nice on their platforms; when people run into them on the street, they are nice, and usually, before they were internet famous – they were nice too. 


It can be challenging for people on a tight budget to relate to content that talks about spending millions and only buying high-end designers. Yet, if they started with $5 and put the work in, there is something inspiring and relatable about that. 

When influencers are able to create content that speaks to their audience in a way that isn’t just ‘look what I have but more ‘Look how I how what I have, here is how I did it, and this is what I do with it’ – it is a game-changer. 


Posting one blog post and one photo a week on social media isn’t going to be enough for an audience. People consume content at high speed, and they will always be looking to see more. 

Not only do they want to see more, but if they leave a comment, they want to see the influencer’s reply. Even if they don’t get a reply themselves – if they see others in the comments get them, it makes them see that the influencer does care. 


In the early days of social media and influencing, it wasn’t as common for influencers to have a brand. Or rather, it wasn’t considered branding – except that is what it is. They had a style, a font that they liked, an eye for detail, and a tone of voice, and their photographs felt like they had been curated for the viewer to enjoy. 

The best influencers have a strong brand, and while there might be some similarities between some influencers, as their style matures – there will be some style differences that make them stand out. 


Anyone can take a photo, style a dress, or write a blog post – but there are some influencers that just do it better. They have a type of creativity that leans into content creation. Even if they find a formula that works for them, they will be looking at how they can improve it and create more. 

Part of branding and creativity is learning your own style too, and here is a great place to start: Express Yourself.


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