Finding The Right Jewelry for You

Jewelry is a beautiful way to make your outfit stand out and highlight your favorite features. There are many different types of jewelry that you can choose from, but not all pieces will flatter the wearer in the same way. To find the right piece for you, it’s important to know what styles work best with your body type and skin tone. This blog post will discuss tips on finding the right jewelry for your body type and skin tone!

1) Hair color

a) If you have red hair, avoid wearing jewelry with green or yellow tones. These colors will appear very bright next to your skin and make your complexion look sallow. Instead, wear earrings in deep purple, dark blue, black, silver, or gold!

b) Those who are blonde should steer clear of necklaces with pink stones as these may clash with their fair complexions. A simple chain that doesn’t draw too much attention is best for this wearer!

c) Brown-haired women can opt for a necklace containing any stone they wish, but the most flattering options would be diamonds, amethysts (purple), emeralds (green), sapphires (blue), topaz (orange), or rubies (red).

d) Black-haired women can wear any color of jewelry they like but should avoid silver as it often looks dull against darker hair. Gold is the most complementary metal for this hair color!  Another type of jewelry that will work is jewelry for cremation ashes as they come in a variety of colors that will work well with black hair.

2) Eye Color

a) Those who have dark brown or black eyes should avoid wearing jewelry with red tones. These colors will make your pupils look very small and can be overwhelming on the eye! Instead, opt for gold, silver, diamonds (white), blue topaz (blue/green hue).

b) Green-eyed women would do well to wear earrings in green stones like emeralds as they are complementary colors. However, these ladies may also choose lighter jewels such as aquamarine, which is more flattering against pinker skin tones than white gold or yellow metallic finishes.

c) Blue-eyed beauties will want to go for jewelry that contains contrasting hues of jewel-tone blues like sapphires, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, or blue topaz. These blues will stand out against your complexion!

d) Those with hazel eyes should avoid wearing earrings that contain red tones, as these colors may clash and draw attention to the wrong feature on their face. Gold is a flattering metal for this eye color, but other options would be silver, diamonds (white), aquamarines (bluish-green).

e) Brown-eyed women can wear all jewel-tone stones such as emeralds, sapphires, etc.; however, they should go for lighter metals like gold or silver rather than dark finishes, which could make them appear duller. It’s important not to over decorate this skin type either, so keep it simple!

f) Gray/green eye shadow can wear any color of jewelry they like but should avoid silver as it often looks dull against darker hair. Gold is the most complementary metal for this eye color!

In conclusion, deciding to wear jewelry can make you feel great. While it’s important to choose the right pieces, pay attention to your personal style and what fits best with your wardrobe.


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