Kind of Blue

Since I was aching for some sort of warm escape, I thought a trip to the countryside would elevate my mood. My husband and I had no specific plans, but we just decided keep driving up north and ended up at a very homey ranch. Everything here was so claim and peaceful, and I just loved how the weather kept its balance of cool and warmth during the shoot.

To pair up with the scene, I choose a classy faux leather cropped top and straight pants from I. AM. GIA in cool sky blue shade – just a set you need to match a sky-lit setting.

Over my cropped top is a cozy white sherpa jacket that speaks absolutely of pure coziness. In such outdoor occasion, you’ll never go wrong with a pair of oval sunglasses from Versace, PVC sandals and a signature Prada sling bag. I’m telling you, it’s the perfect kind of standout yet laidback flair, absolutely the kind of blue vacay you might’ve been searching for, too.

Outfit Details


Bottom: I.AM.GIA

Jacket: I.AM.GIA

Shoes: Yeezy

Sunglasses: Versace

Bag: Prada

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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