Lime Rebellion

For most people, the sizzling month of March is an opportunity to get their beach body ready and pull out their whatever-color-whatever-pattern bikinis out of their closet kind of fashion statement. But for the few chillaholics – like me – I tend to seize every opportunity to just chill and relax albeit the inviting summer heat. 

So I went for something that every summer aficionado would definitely consider as a necessity, and that is Neon Green, ladies and gentlemen. 

Here, I paired a thirst-quenching, lime green oversized long sleeved shirt and wide leg pants, which both from Missguided Playboy collection. The silky satin fabric material made me feel Hugh Hefner type of way. Definitely a fresher, I might say. The lime-hued square toe sandals with block heels just give the hems of wide leg pants a modest lift off the floor.

Why you have to go the beach while you can just chill at this gorgeous bathroom right lol. This playboy mansion vibes bathroom studded in elegantly tiled marble walls and flooring just added to the “fresh-up” vibes to the photo-shoot. It is simply a perfect background. 

Outfit Details

Top: Missguided

Bottom: Missguided

Shoes: Missguided

Makeup: Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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