Kindly Rewind

At the height spring, there’s nothing like being outdoors. But let’s not make it so complicated, because just simply being in a nature-filled backyard with a hammock swing and an aged wooden park bench is more than enough to enjoy your afternoon. For me, it’s a quick getaway from all the complexities in life, and have some time for myself to self reflect and kindly rewind.

I went for some 80’s fashion here: retro style white top with round ruffled high neckline and puff sleeves (the absolute “rewind” fashion trend!) bring me back to the 80s. And I styled over an asymmetrical cut midi dress made in delicate chiffon fabric. What I loved about this is its bold black and yellow floral prints in sheer fabric, an audacious spring statement indeed, not to mention these old Celine boots that sealed the entire the entire look.  

Outfit Details

Top: IPA

Dress: C/MEO

Shoes: Celine

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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