Weekend Warrior

When I dream, they tend to be lucid. I can neither punch nor run, but I stand and I watch. I sit in a high rise and watch society, how we operate, I think of the future and how man and machine will merge. I spoke with my therapist about it and she said that only thing that will never change about society is man’s ability to strive and rise above.

I agree.

I always wanted to be a weekend warrior ever since I was a kid. I like the hardcore attitude with edgy style fashion. When I see the newest collection from Alexander Wang, it totally inspired me to put this look together. Has any of the pieces in the collection caught your eye?

Outfit Details

Jacket: BKBT Concept

Sweater: Alexander Wang

Pants: Alexander Wang

Shoes: Vetements

Bag: Celine

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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