Darkness in Paradise

I seriously enjoyed this shoot as I feel like a badass character from John Wick movie in this dark concoction of wardrobe. And this open field of parched tall grass and fence of trees in their unsaturated tones just did the job to make the scene look more dramatic. 

You see, I truly respect black. Because black isn’t just black. Let me show you its broad variety:

For the star of the look, I’m wearing a belted wool coat with front double button closures; you can never go wrong with this kind of “classic”. I teamed up with a pair of black faux leather gloves, black mid-calf boots that bring out the edgy winter essentials, and a black corduroy beret with gun-themed patch, plus a belt chain with mixed hardware chains and crystal spheres in silver for a bit of contrast.

I love that the style looks like I came right out of a Hollywood action-filled movie, yet, know that I can still pull off this kind of look on an ordinary day. 

P.S. Can’t wait for John Wick 3!!!

Outfit Details

Coat + Belt: Hyein Seo

Hat: Hyein Seo

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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