Double Jeopardy

 I’ve always been bewildered by the prowess of a Geisha and how they contributed to the high fashion of today. Despite the popular notorious belief of Geisha being Japanese hookers, they are actually well-trained professionals of the ancient arts and music performance, and I can’t help but commend them for their portrayal of poise, charm and eccentric beauty. 

Here, I’m wearing an ensemble of both historical and futuristic style that was inspired by Geisha fashion: this two-tone double layer kimono robe with such superb fabric material. The design of this robe is so out of this world, and I can’t take my eyes off it. A pair of over-the-knee high heeled boots in patent material add a modern twist to the traditional vibes. I also got my makeup inspired from the traditional Geisha look, as I played around the velvet red palette for my winged eye shadows and lip shade. 

I must say, I feel eccentrically beautiful in this look. I bet you can pull this off, too. 

Outfit Details

Robe Dress: Y/Project

Shoes: Off-White

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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