Art in the Park

Art in the Park

It’s quite important that we consider ourselves “a work of art”. No, no, it’s not vanity at all. Self-love is actually one of the most important ingredients to achieve self-growth and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be better every day and feel more beautiful inside and out.   

For this shoot, I feel like a royal in this nude-colored draped princess dress from Off-White, with its asymmetric hems and flounce overlay design, it speaks well of elegance and a carefree disposition. I gave the look a bit of crisp accent with a pair of monogram Gucci canvas over-the-knee boots with drawstring closures. 

And just to set the right mood, I wore a fragrance that exudes of warm and sweet gourmands from a scent concoction of fig milk, cedarwood, and vanilla – something from KILIAN. 

Take it from me. You can still pull off an “art in the park” kind of look by wearing something straight and simple. 

Outfit Details

Dress: Off-White

Shoes: Gucci

Perfume: Kilian

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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