Slow Dance

Something about this shoot reminds me of Fall 95′, I don’t know if it’s the cold tone of the photos, or the breeze that I felt while shooting the stills. I was a child roaming the streets of New York, searching for my mother. I remember it like it was yesterday, but it was childhood where memories become mush and movie like. Where you can only remember things in tinted frames. I was walking in a farmers market, separated from my mother, but I was looking for something. I couldn’t have been more than 4 years old, but I knew something was on the other side of this table I was staring at. Just then a hand grabbed me, I turned around it was a woman, I did not recognize her, but I wasn’t scared. She grabbed me and lifted me up! Holding me up she held me up for a higher view of the crowd. And I saw her! My mother, running towards me with tears in her eyes, and joy in her smile. She grabbed me.

Turns out the lady that found me, was an old friend of my mother’s from China. They hadn’t seen each other since childhood, where they had lost connection….Everything happens for a reason.

Outfit Details

Jacket: Missguided

Top: Missguided

Skirt: Missguided

Shoes: YSL

Tights: Fendi

Photo By: Jordan Baylor



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