Checker Meets Flare

Checker Meets Flare

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?

One that doesn’t make sense, but each night it reveals more and more of itself to you? This happened to me, I had a dream that I went to the beach, I’d walk to the beach shore, and whenever I would stick my foot in the water. Without fail I would always be interrupted. I’ve checked several dream dictionaries, and couldn’t find the meaning of it all.

I meditate twice a day and I abhor it when I’m interrupted by phones, emails, or technology in general. During my meditation I focused on what I wanted to convey with the shoot, I was ready to create. When we got to the location as we were setting up, it was blocked, the guy we set it up with backed out and said he needed more money for us to shoot there. Just switched up on us at the last minute.

All the thoughts came rushing back, the water, my foot, the interruptions, it reminded me so much of the dream. I remembered that in the dream it ended there, at the water’s shore, but this isn’t a dream. This is real life, where I can always pivot, so that’s just what we did. Pivoted, and told the guy Brian to shove it, we’d figure something else out.

Outside of the building there was beautiful lighting, so we just set up and started snapping there. Security came over and asked me about my jacket, didn’t even care about the photos…So, thanks Brian, you saved us money trying to stop our art, but we created something even better outside!

Outfit Details

Top: 9-1ppm

Bottom: 9-1ppm

Eyewear: BKBT Concept

Shoes: Public Desire

Photo By: AABB Studios


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