The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood

You ever wanted to stop someone from making a mistake? I went to a little kids playpen birthday party (long story, don’t ask) while there I was talking with the birthday girl on her age and about the concept of getting older. She told me about all the things she was going to do as an adult (stay up all night, eat pizza EVERYDAY, sleep till noon, etc.) Basically the shit we all thought we’d do as kids before life sucker punched us, and reality came in with the body slam to ground us.

I told the girl to never stop and never change her mindset, because it was absolutely beautiful.

Stay youthful kids.

Outfit Details

Top: Raf Simons

Bottom: Missguided

Eyewear: BKBT Concept

Belt: Heron Preston

Shoes: Maison Margiela

Photo By: AABB Studios


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