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Chungking Express

This look was inspired by my favorite film director, Wong Kar Wai. The meaning behind his films are so layered, and on a superficial level you think you see the entire picture, but as you delve deeper into his pictures you…


White Noise

Facing all these work that piled up during the weekend, this business casual oversized tee with a wrapped skirt, classic Acne Studio sneakers and essential sunglasses, make Monday absolutely more bearable. Add some coffee and a good dose of great attitude,…


Summer Color: Noir

Who said black isn’t the IT color for summer?! According to scientist, everyone should be wearing black on a yearly basis lol. The combination of black hoodie, black leather jacket and black jeans make me feel more alive in this…


I am a Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is one of my favorite brands of all time. They are such a quirky brand, their pieces are filled with nostalgia and bring me happy times from childhood. Since it’s spring time, I want to wear something…