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Chungking Express

This look was inspired by my favorite film director, Wong Kar Wai. The meaning behind his films are so layered, and on a superficial level you think […]


Happy Chinese New Year everyone 🙂 恭喜发财! Outfit Details Top: Yellow Double Hooded Sweatshirt by BKBT Concept Bottom: Zara Photo By: AABB Studio


It’s 2017 and Iron Maiden is BACK ON TOUR!!!! This lookbook is a tribute to all those heavy metal (more like death metal lol ) bands I […]


I feel I can do no wrong in this wavy hoodie, the PUMA x Fenty team really came up with something special when they made […]

White Noise

Facing all these work that piled up during the weekend, this business casual oversized tee with a wrapped skirt, classic Acne Studio sneakers and essential […]

Lace & Silk

Lately, there are two things that have become my favorite things in life at the moment – Lace & Silk. Once I put on this […]


In Houston weather you never know what you’re going to get: Rain, Heat, Humidity, Cold, SNOW!!! I’m ready for any and all occasions, and I’m […]