Chungking Express

This look was inspired by my favorite film director, Wong Kar Wai. The meaning behind his films are so layered, and on a superficial level you think you see the entire picture, but as you delve deeper into his pictures you become engrossed in the story. The tale I weave with my outfit is that with strong ties to denim. Underneath my White Oversize Shirt are my must-have crystal bra & track pants 2-piece combo.

The best thing about denim is it isn’t about the fit of  jacket it’s about feeling a great denim piece will bring.

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Outfit Details

Jacket: Distressed Sleeves Denim Jacket

Shirt: White Oversized Shirt

Crystal Bra: Diamonique Bra

Bottom: Superstar Track Pants

Sunglasses: Astro Full Bridge Sunglasses

Photo By: AABB Studio


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