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Thanks Ankit for these awesome/cute gifts 🙂 These are definitely some #essential pieces for home decor.

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The colors on the headphone are gorgeous. Very well printed floral combine with my favorite pastel pink. These headphones are so comfortable. It has a snug adjust fit which feels great for someone like me, (AKA HUGE HEAD lol) or small children.

These headphones not only have the great look, but also have a phenomenal sound. I am not a expert on headphones, but I can tell when the bass is there. In the headphones everything there’s a ton of clarity with the sounds, and strong  noise canceling features great for shutting off surrounding noise.

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Those DOPE lights are absolutely going to brighten up your outdoor or indoor living space!! . You can get really creative with these little cuties, they run on small double AA batteries and are durable and lightweight. Great for putting LED string lights along headboards, shelves or party displays.



Ahhhhhh smells so good ocean breeze …!!! JUST SO GOOD..

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